Episode #13 -- Scars of Dracula


Look at that poster. No one wants to be in this movie. Even Dracula has this kind of "yeah, yeah, let's just get this over with" look in his eyes. Also, some of those people on the poster may not actually be in the movie. The character that's not featured prominently (or prominently enough) is the terrible bat puppet-- sure, there are some bats in the background there, but considering that she (he?) is the movie's second most likable character, they're sort of doing the movie poster equivalent of burying the lede.

ANYWAY, this is the sixth of nine Dracula movies that Hammer Films released between the years of 1958 and 1974, and it shows. The titular scars are only briefly referenced and have almost no relevance to what happens in the movie. If you're some kind of egghead you might be inclined to make a case for the scars being metaphorical, but even that would be a stretch. That bat puppet, though!

NEXT TIME: Windtalkers gets dethroned as our go-to reference point for terrible movies. It gets dethroned so hard, you guys.