Episode #14 -- Darkness Falls


Fuuuuuck. Normally we try to make these posts a little ambiguous so that you have to actually listen to the episode to find out what we thought, but with Darkness Falls... fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck. You might notice that this episode is about ten minutes longer than most of our other episodes-- this movie is so bad, we seriously could not stop talking about how awful it is. "Aw c'mon," you might be saying to yourself right now, "how bad could it actually be?". Well, let us tell you this, friends: it's about an evil tooth fairy. That's how bad. See that thumbnail image for the trailer? That's a picture we took towards the end of the movie, but we had the closed captioning turned on from about minute two. We were yelling angrily at our television so much, we had to turn it on so that we wouldn't miss out on crucial pieces of dialog. That's how bad it is. 

So, in summation: movie bad. See ya next week!

NEXT TIME: A much better movie.