Episode #15 -- The Apartment


Holy cow, what a change of pace from the last few episodes. The Apartment is a romantic comedy from 1960, directed by Billy Wilder, who you may recognize from movies like Some Like it Hot and Sunset Boulevard. This is a prime example of one of the reasons we're doing this podcast, aside from the fame and glory and endorsement deals and free swimming pools filled with gold doubloons. It's the kind of movie that neither one of us would gravitate towards naturally, in that no one gets exsanguinated (unless there's a director's cut that we're unaware of), but you'll just have to listen to the episode to find out how that works out for the two of us in this case. That's a pretty ham-fisted example of the ambiguity that we try to instill in these blog posts (as referenced in last week's entry), but what can we say? It's harder than it looks!

NEXT TIME: A movie that Andrew would otherwise not have willingly watched in a million years.