Episode #5 (take two) -- The Mangler


Episode five!

Have you ever thought to yourself, "I wonder if anyone has made a horror movie about an industrial laundry machine with blood lust?" Are you fond of goofy, supernatural chillers from the mid-90s? Do you like films with barely-explained "odd couple" pairings? Well, my friend, The Mangler might very well be the movie for you!

It's a funny coincidence that we're releasing this episode a few days after Tobe Hooper passed away. Texas Chainsaw Massacre chilled Andrew arguably more than any other horror film ever made, and Tara has an enduring fondness for the Poltergeist films. RIP Tobe Hooper.

As promised, here is a Kids in the Hall sketch featuring Mark McKinney's Tucker character, a dead-ringer for this movie's "protagonist".

NEXT TIME: Tara and Andrew talk more about professional wrestling than they ever have in their entire lives cumulatively.