Episode #41 -- At Midnight I'll Take Your Soul

(or: “Boy, Chris Hardwick’s Late-Night Game Show Sure Had A Weeeeeiiiird Origin”)


Somehow, this was the best trailer we could find.

October! It’s our favorite month, not only because of it being the month that we got married, but also because it gives us a good reason to watch a ton of horror movies. Sure, technically we’re both adults and it’s highly unlikely that our parents are going to ground us for watching them, but we’ve found that people start to give you a wide berth when you tell them that you spent the weekend watching You’re Soaking In Her or the entirety of the Tool Belt Killer series in any other month. We’re just going to say that that’s why people give us a wide berth— please, humor us.

ANYway, this movie from 1964, directed by and starring Jose Majica Marins, was the first horror movie made in Brazil, and it’s about Zé do Caixão, a charming gentleman who works as an undertaker for the cemetery in a small village in Brazil. Sure, he espouses a desire to eat human flesh within the first five minutes of the movie, and yeah, he does murder his wife with a poisonous spider, but like that saying goes, let he who is without sin something something something. You know what we’re talking about.

Penultimately, we should mention that we screw up Marins’ name several times in this episode and refer to him just as Marin, singular— all we can say is:


and we apologize.

Last but not least, we talk about the really great web series Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared in this episode. It’s great. GREAT GREAT GREAT! Here’s the first video in the series, and if you like it you will almost certainly like the other five: