A Very Timely Episode About Horror Movies That We Like

We’re back, sort of! To get back in the swing of things, instead of doing a regular episode this week we’ve chosen instead to talk about some of our favorite horror movies, classic* and otherwise. We’ll get back to our routine of watching movies that we’ve chosen randomly from The Guide in our next episode**, but for now consider this a calibration of sorts, so you can better understand what sort of degenerate garbage we’re into. You’ll note that we don’t discuss anything really recent in this episode— it’s not because we haven’t liked any horror movies that have come out in the last eight years, just more that you don’t need us to tell you that Get Out or The VVitch are great. We assume. If you did need us to tell you that, here you go— they’re good movies. You now have our blessing to watch them. You’re welcome!

Correction: In this episode Andrew states that the Dwight Twilley Band song that appears repeatedly in You’re Next is called “Looking For Some Magic”— it’s actually called “Looking For the Magic”. We understand if you feel like you can never trust us again. It’s pretty petty of you, but that’s a YP, not an OP.

*your definition of “classic” may vary
** kind of. you’ll see what we mean.