Episode #44 -- Goodbye, 20th Century!

(or: "Ho Ho HUH?!!!?")


In lieu of linking to a trailer like we would normally do (mostly because one doesn’t seem to exist), here’s the movie in its entirety. Merry fuckin’ Christmas!

Goodbye, 20th Century! is a Macedonian film that is comprised of three stories— one about an unkillable man in the ravaged, post-apocalyptic world that just happens to take place in the year 2019. Also, as a heads-up, the movie does get quite a bit incest-y towards the end of that story, and very incest-y for the whole second story (which is, admittedly, only about three minutes long, but STILL). The final section of the movie is about the deranged Santa that you see up there in the movie’s poster, and we think we can all agree that nothing says Merry Christmas quite like a guy in a Santa outfit going on a murderous rampage… we think. You know the saying, “don’t sweat the small stuff”? There is NO need for concern on that front with this movie. It’s worth noting that, as always, this movie was picked entirely at random, and somehow managed to be both Christmas-y and (partially) set in 2019. It’s nice to have Fate on our side of things for once!

Also in this episode, after talking about Goodbye, 20th Century! we seamlessly transition into talking about The Best Show, which is a very funny podcast/radio show that everyone should listen to. Here are a couple of our favorite clips from previous episodes: