Episode #30 -- Demonlover

(or: "You Had Us At `3D CGI Anime Porn (not really, though)'")


Hey, how do you feel about movies about corporate espionage? Anywhere from ambivalent to interested, right? Hold on to that thought. Now, how do you feel about hentai? Don't worry, that's more of a rhetorical question, no one needs to know how you feel about hent-- you what? oooooooooookaaaaayyyy...

Anyway, for the rest of you, what would you say to a movie that combines those two things? Sounds like a pretty bad and/or insane combination, right? That is, for some reason, exactly what Demonlover sets out to depict. Two corporations are fighting for the rights to help produce / distribute the first 3-D CGI hentai, because that's the exact sort of hot commodity that the public is clamoring for, champing at the bit, if you will. Except not really-- the underlying premise of Demonlover is totally preposterous, and to be fair, having a preposterous premise for a movie isn't necessarily a bad thing. Swiss Army Man is pretty fucking preposterous, but it's easy to suspend disbelief because of how smart it is in its execution.

Demonlover is no Swiss Army Man. `nuff said.