Episode #31 -- Permanent Midnight

(or: "So, in summation: who cares?")


Is there anything more compelling than the idea of a writer for the hit mid-to-late 80's cat-eating focused sitcom ALF struggling with a heroin addiction? The answer to that question is, of course, yes, almost certainly there is. BUT, but but but, it's still a really crazy thing to think about, right? The answer to that question is, of course, a non-committal shrug of your shoulders. Permanent Midnight is the movie adaptation of an autobiography written by Jerry Stahl that covers the years he spent writing for television shows while strung out on all sorts of different drugs. In spite of this, it somehow manages to be underwhelming and doesn't even really manage to clear the low bar of serving as an anti-drug PSA. Great job, Hollywoo!

Other things in this episode:

  • Andrew briefly talks about how one of the writers for the Muppet Babies cartoon was a Scientologist and tried to loosely work some of its teachings into an episode. It's hard to find much on the internet about this anymore, but here's a message board post that has a couple of brief excerpts from the interview with the writer. Praise Xenu!
  • We talk about the new indie-horror movie The Endless. We both liked it a lot, and you should go see it. Here's a trailer: