Actual Episode #35 -- Elektra, My Love

(or: "Fuck You, Keep Listening!")


Elektra, My Love is a fucking weird movie. The plot itself isn't that weird, exactly, but just about everything else about it is to compensate. Made in 1972, it's a re-working / sort of adaptation of a 1967 play based on the story of Electra from Greek mythology, set on a plain in Hungary. There are murders and resurrections and pistols, you know, your typical Greek mythology stuff. It's comprised of around twelve different shots, each of which are several minutes long, a decision made not for any stylistic reasons, but because the director didn't like editing. Which like, we get it, but c'mon, man-- at least try to make it sound like it's an artistic decision! 

Hey, here's a "fun" fact about our recording process-- the lunatics that like to hang out in our apartment's parking lot and constantly yell shit make it pretty mandatory for us to keep our windows shut while we're recording an episode. Add to this the fact that we live almost directly above a spa, and you have a recipe for us overheating and losing our minds towards the end of every episode we record during the summer months. Believe you us, this episode is no exception to this equation-- if any incredibly rich listeners are interested in paying for us to relocate to Iceland, drop us a line!