Episode #38 -- Nico and Dani

(or: "Jerkin' It: The Movie")

Holy shit, this movie is cram-packed (see what we did there? so clever) full of sexual activity between fifteen-year-olds, our discomfort levels during the watching of the movie and recording of the podcast were second only to where they were in our Pink Flamingos episode. Nico and Dani is from Spain and was released in 2001, and it's a coming of age story about two fifteen-year-old guys trying to sort out their sexual identities. The movie guide itself praises the movie for being raw, and man, they are not wrong about that. It's a fine-to-good movie, but it's also a movie that left us both kind of skeeved out at points.

Also in this episode, we talk a bit about Local 58, which is a really great horror channel on YouTube created by Kris Straub, and we provide you all with some downright scintillating live commentary that you can engage with by starting the video below at the appropriate time in the podcast. You might think you've been scintillated by things before, but trust us, this is going to blow that shit out of the water by comparison. One might even go so far as to claim it to be scintillating to the extreme. We wouldn't, but someone might.