Episode #40 -- True Romance

(Or: “The Movie So Nice, We Had To Talk About It Twice, Mostly Because Andrew Forgot To Hit The Record Button The First Time Around”)


Boy oh boy, for someone who fancies himself to be a real computer-y, clever-y guy, Andrew sure messed up something really simple when we were trying to record this episode. If there’s any better example of a first world problem than forgetting to hit record when you’re starting an episode of your podcast, we don’t know what it is.

True Romance was one of the first screenplays that Quentin Tarantino wrote, and is one of the few pieces of work in his career that he wrote but didn’t direct, those duties in this instance being handled by Tony Scott, of Top Gun and Beverly Hills Cop II fame. And let us tell you, the negative connotation that can accompany the phrase “piece of work” is an apt bit of phrasing, because this movie has problems. It’s ridiculous and over-the-top, as Tarantino’s movies typically are, but some of the stuff in this movie just doesn’t (or shouldn’t) fly these days. We’re not saying Quentin Tarantino is a full-blown racist, but he sure does love dropping the n-bomb an awful lot, and anyone who does that maybe shouldn’t get the pass that he’s gotten over the years, regardless of how many black people have lived in his house. We’re just saying.