Episode #45 -- The Taste of Others

(or: “To Be Fair, If It Had Been A Movie About Cannibals, The Title Would Be A Little Too On The Nose”)


If there’s anything that we can all agree on in these divisive times, it’s probably that the person who put this trailer together should be forced onto a barge and shipped out to sea for the rest of their lives #bargelife.

The Taste of Others is a French film from 2000 that focuses on the goings-on in the lives of six Parisians, their tastes, and the romances and whatevers that transpire between them. It’s better than that makes it sound, we swear. It’s largely dramatic, but teeters on the edge of being funny— there’s no knee-slappers in it (although honestly, if you’re involuntarily slapping your knee when you laugh too hard, you might want to get that checked out by a doctor), but there are enough amusing moments in it for it to qualify, if only just. Nominated for an Academy Award in 2001 in the Best Foreign Language Film category, the main criticisms you’ll find about it online these days are that it’s going to be fairly light fare for anyone who needs their movies to convey deeply profound messages, but hey, not every movie can be Joe Dirt.

Also in this episode, we talk about about InfoChammel, and look, it’s the sort of thing that defies any attempt to be described verbally, so just take a look at this weird shit, will ya?