Episode #50 -- The Loneliest Runner

(or: “Yellow Sheets at Night, Michael Landon Takes Flight”)

In this episode we watch the semi-autobiographical made-for-TV movie written and produced by Michael Landon in the mid-Seventies about bed-wetting. Anything else we could write here about that would just be gilding the lily. The entire thing is available on YouTube, and we’ve linked to the first part of it above. Go ahead and click— you know you want to watch it. What were you going to be doing in the next seventy-five minutes, anyways? Curing cancer? We don’t think so.

That aside, in this episode we also discuss the fine, frightening works being put out by the people behind Everything Is Terrible! They’re a group of people who have spent the last ten plus years scouring the dredges of the forgotten VHS wasteland, among other things. If you’ve seen the video of the lady instructing viewers on the proper technique to massage cats, you’ve seen their work. They take stuff that is weird to begin with, and distill it down into its weirdest, funniest, most disturbing components, and it’s amazing. The amount of content they’ve produced is pretty staggering, but here are a few of our favorites, just to give you all a taste: