Episode #39 -- Some Like It Hot

(or: “Nuance Over Shitty, Lazy Comedy? Will Wonders Never Cease?”)


STOP THE PRESSES, MOTHERFUCKERS— Some Like It Hot is a good movie!

We’re breaking from our tradition that no one has probably noticed of us not trying to tip our hats as to our opinions about a movie in the blog post, because fuck it— this movie is great. Billy Wilder, whose The Apartment we found to be equally impressive back in episode 15, somehow managed to make a movie in 1958 about two guys dressing up as women that doesn’t make jokes at their expense. It’s a shoe that we were expecting to drop at any moment, and the fact that it never did impressed the hell out of both of us. Also, Jack Lemmon and everyone else in the movie are great. The end. Oh, wait— here’s a link to the very good BBC article about the movie that we reference in this episode. NOW the end.

When the time comes for us to seamlessly transition into talking about something we deliberately watched, as it always must, we discuss Sion Sono’s Why Don’t You Play In Hell?, Sion Sono is a weeeeeiiiiird guy. He made a horror movie about hair extensions, for fuck’s sake! Why Don’t You Play In Hell? isn’t quite that weird, but it’s great and everyone should watch it.

Lastly and most importantly, Tara was a guest on the Any Album You Like podcast, which is where Ben Mooney and his guest watch The Wizard of Oz synced up to a movie of the guest’s choosing— Tara picked Blackstar, by David Bowie, so check it out! And check out all the other episodes because the show is hilarious and great!